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Dirhavel the Alchemist   M33 : DIRHAVEL™ the Alchemist

Dirhavel is a purveyor of potions, medicines and chemicals. His clients include clothing makers seeking better dyes, physicians seeking drugs and even high born ladies seeking mixtures to improve their complexions. He is also a mystic of some repute and is frequently visited by strangers from afar.

Dirhavel is a true blooded Dunedain. He is nearly a century old, but is still in the prime of his life. He is tall, vigorous, sharp witted and serious. He misses little. He may spend his days in his workshop surrounded by strange admixtures and bubbling pots, but little occurs in the city that he does not know about. He may not be a member of the Hildinolë, but he is no friend of Angmar’s either. He is loyal to the House of Cardolan and has spent his life working to try and keep his beloved land safe.

Dirhavel’s lifelong project is to recreate the Palantiri. With a constellation of new Palantirs, Dirhavel believes, the Crown of Cardolan would have advance warning of the movements of all enemies – and they could keep a weather eye on the plots and ambitions of Arthedain and Gondor, too. Had the Crown of Cardolan a Palantir, the disaster on the Barrow Downs would never have happened. Alas, though he has had some promising successes, the means of making a Palantir are far beyond him. Feanor, Dirhavel guesses, used some form of sand to make the glass that does not exist in the Hither-Lands. But he still attempts to recreate the glass using exotic ingredients.

Dirhavel will often hire adventurers and travellers to go abroad and find exotic ingredients for him. The cost matters little. If he could deliver a Palantir to the Throne of Cardolan, then his life’s work would be complete.

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