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      Thanks all for the kind words on my previous post. I have learned that groups of miniatures are very hard to photograph. None-the-less, here are some more shots of my Army of Gondor. This is still under construction (as ever!) and there are more minis to paint up like the DA foot and some of the regular M series figures.

      The Lossanarch set offers a really good value with many options and conversion possiblities

      It even integrates well with the warband set (or Time Machine) which is great considering there is more than a decade between the releases

      This is what the warband set is really for…

      I read somewhere that CT always wanted to produce versions of levies from the poorer provinces. I will make my own.

      One thing I would have liked to see was more mounted regular cavalry. And like Gavin, I need more archers! In the hopefully not-so-distant future I will have other similar posts…Next: Wolves of Isengard!


        Very nice army! That was a lot of painting.


          This is perfect, Master Kenakko … brilliant paint-job. So, your Lossanach go together with the Gondorian army by now … as they’re Gondorian …. it’s an amazing set, Master Kenakko.


            …. as I told you in last topic… magnificent AGAIN ! …. now we must see orcs and trolls army…. in battle formations or in chaos… all the same… :)


              People before praise your paint job, Ken.
              I want to praise your bases. They are great. Perfect covering of the mithril base!!!


                More nice stuff. It underlines what a shame it is that the Time Machine stuff is no longer available – building up this sort of army will be much more expensive from now on.

                As Master Archer has said, good bases. As you know all too well, I’ve still got to finish the bases of all my LOTR armies. I keep trying to enlist Mrs B, but she’s not keen, and there are, er, rather a lot of them. I just find preparing bases less interesting than painting figures!


                  They are just great! :D


                    awesome Ken!


                      Yeah, I missed out on ordering a time machine set by weeks last year (I was very, very sad) so my current Gondor army will be made of plastic and put out by GW. I have a vague plan to sell them once completed, gamed with once or twice and photographed, then I’ll scour the net for mithrils.

                      The Lossarnachs go very well with the “Minas Tirith” set – and in the Mithril “canon” this makes a lot of sense, since the Tengwar magazine identifies Lossarnach as the place where most of Minas Tirith’s army is drawn from.

                      I am somewhat disappointed that the the Lossarnach guys don’t have axes bigger than the wee hatchets the current range has. Kinda tempted to get three WOTR companies worth of Lossarnach and somehow sort out getting enough Gondor shields for them.

                      But damn Time Machine and the inconvenient lack of Warbands…years after I hummed and hawed about getting a second set :D


                        …Hence my own policy of always buying things when I see them! There have been so many situations where it’s paid off in the long run. Mind you, it can also lead to difficulties and disappointments, such as buying a hundred figures by one maker only to find that another maker comes out with a beter, more suitable range a year or so later – before I’ve even got round to painting the earlier guys. Still, that’s the price you pay (literally) for paranoia. Still, it does mean that I’ve got a Thomarillion ‘Grond’ that I wouldn’t have if I’d opted to wait until I had the time to build it.

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