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      Hi all, I thought I’d post some pictures of units of the Swan Knights which are set up for gaming. If people are interseted in this sort of thing I can continue to show other ‘all Mithril’ units as they are ready…So here’s the Prince and his boys:
      This set has the possibility to do a fair bit of mix and match amongst the 4 knight’s poses. Shields added from the foot and the previous Lossarnach sets also go a long way:
      Also included in this bunch are minis by Ebob. These are the English knights with the extra heads sets. They match up pretty well but are ever so slightly smaller. Close enough for rock n’ roll though…
      In some gaming systems you can use a wedge formation and the coolness factor increases:
      Comments and extra minis accepted!:D


        Magnificent ! and yes please could you show us other formations…. of your painting works…..


          That’s marvellous, Ken. Wonderful ‘conversions’, great paint job and excellent shield-designs.
          Very impressive that charge.


            It makes me feel as a hobbit on great battle !
            Very impressive and wonderfull painting battles master.


              Ken, this is fantastic. Congratulation!!!!
              But- you have to open the secret of that special horse, to be seen on the second picture.

              PS: ah, after reading carefully I found the answer: ebob horses. Great they are, aren´ t they?!
              I bought some of the great ebob horses to make a wainrider-conversion, but I wasn´t sure if those horses fit the right scale . . .
              I am still looking for an answer . . .


                Good stuff, Master Ken – alas, my own Dol Amroth dudes are based on other manufacturers’ ranges entirely, since I got impatient and couldn’t wait for the Mthril ones – indeed, at the time there were no signs that there would ever be any. That was about five years ago now. But as they say, everything comes to he who waits. I just can’t wait. The Tree would call me very hasty, and indeed has done so on many occasions.

                Especially like the shields! And as you say, the eBob stuff fits in well.


                  Good work and good to see eBob’s range mix well enough with Mithril.


                    But where are the Skodas?


                      The cars are hiding in the background.

                      I can’t believe I missed this thread the first time around.

                      Beautiful work!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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