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    Pure Elven craftsmanship! Fantastic, well executed piece – this is what I meant on my comment re the youtube thread in the Pony (which I answered before seeing this :))

    I’m getting quite frustrated about not getting any painting done at the moment myself, but that’s life.

    Don’t forget to send them into Michael for the Fans Gallery.


    I simply will give up painting any metal pieces … or rather will try to hide mine elsewhere …


    I’m really impressed!
    This is just a awesome diorama.
    I’ll take a bow!


    My word, that is amazing!

    I love it!


    That is really great talent there! Especially with those fine Rohan miniatures! :D

    Great job! I wish that I could do that.:/

    Are those supposed to be Rohan men or some other group? I ask because of the shield design.


    Hi Jason, no, there are not only Rohan men. There is the watcher on Sarn Ford also. I think he better watches out for orcs in the fields of Rohan.
    To explain the shield design is a bit difficult: the two horses are based on a scetch by myself couple of years ago.
    To each diorama there belongs a pack of scetches, art-design-drawings, small and large background-covers and compositions plans.
    In the early times I found something similar on those “cards” from those card-playing-stuff by chance in a shop around.
    A bit disappointing- everything seems to exist already . . .
    The ” SUN ” is obviously a design belongs to the film-trilogie. The king´s men of Edoras use it and Theodred belongs to them.
    Thank you that you like it, and thanks to all the other fellows.


    It is like that:

    [imgz url=][/imgz]


    I think this is called German accuracy!
    Everything has to be documented perfectly!


    Oh, ok. I see the shields more clearly and your research makes sense. I should have figured that out on my own. I am a little slow these days with Lord of the Rings history and movies. :/


    Christoph – your work is truly stunning! 😮 I’m starting to go through the old forums and then I came across this gem!

    It’s really clear to me that you’re a true artist, with a grasp of many types of mediums (painting the miniatures (with oil), watercolor, and design). My two favorites were the Rohirrim in the forest and the elves in the forest. I felt like I was truly immersed in the scene.

    Your foliage is fantastic! Please tell me what you use for your grass, your trees, and your plants.

    Your bases are great! I love how you use the natural wood and have parts of the scene spilling over onto the bases. Very creative visual affect.

    Finally, I LOVE your book with the notes and layouts of your dioramas. I would love to read that book.

    I feel like my dioramas are SO boring in comparison (like my Gollum/Bilbo diorama)! They just don’t have the character. But I’ll get some good inspiration from your work. :)

    Thanks for sharing.



    George – let me say many, many thanks to your kind words.
    Well, what you all see here is the result of experiences for more than ten years. A lot of time, and a lot of things being learned.
    ( there are dioramas being build three or even four times until they look like today . . . :rolleyes: ) So it´s still difficult !
    As mentioned there are only natural things in use, like real branches for the trees and:
    real moss for the grass ! This real moss turns itself into brown after eight months . . . :/
    Mmmmhh . . . nevertheless I use it !
    So- there is an exception on the grass in the Theodred-diorama:
    I use „synthetic-grass“ from a German offerer called „ Heki“. ( ) : heki flor Nr. 1566 .
    But I think you will find georgous stuff at woodland scenics ! For me they are the best in “synthetic-things”.
    I am happy you like the book and I am happy that my work inspires you.
    Feel free to ask my whatever you want, George, if it´s possible for me it would be a pleasure to help you!
    Thanks for reading


    In these times of trouble people often forget the main thing. What is mithril about ?
    The Man created ( and still do, of course ) marvellous miniatures. You can put them on a coat of paint on and place them into a diorama . . .
    And suddenly your heart is full of joy . . . in these times of trouble . . .

    [imgz url=][/imgz]


    Excellent idea and paint job, … yes, and I do very much like your way of adding those accessoires. I guess you built those ruins yourself. Wonderful.


    Excellent Job!!! Cool looking diorama. :D


    Cold and gloomy colors, corresponding to a dark alley in the neighborhood of the thieves in Tharbab … :)
    Very, very nice!!! :)

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